Laboratory Membership is open to any Commercial Dental Laboratory which has one or more locations in North Carolina and is owned and operated by a person or persons of good character or reputation.   Laboratory Members shall have one vote at general membership meetings, may designate one or two representatives and have all rights and privileges as set forth in the bylaws of  the NCDLA.    
ANNUAL DUES:  $290.00


ECA Membership is open to lab owners, dental technicians, or staff of a dental laboratory outside North Carolina (member or non-member laboratory) including hospitals, military, and teaching facilities with the following exception:  owners & technician/staff may not own any   portion of a dental laboratory in North Carolina (commercial or private) unless the laboratory is already a NCDLA laboratory member and a co-owner, partner or officer is not named as a designated representative yet desires their own membership.  Eastern Conference Alliance members shall have all rights and privileges as set forth in the bylaws of the NCDLA.  Laboratory owners may not join in this category unless the above exception applies.  Dues are based on the calendar year  and expire on December 31.
ANNUAL DUES:  $99.00 (Individual)
ANNUAL DUES: $290.00 (Laboratory)



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