Merit Award

NCDLA Presents 2016 Merit Award
to President Elect Amy Packer, CDT

The NCDLA Merit Award is hereby presented to Amy Packer, CDT in recognition of her ongoing devotion, dedication, and service to the NCDLA.
Amy has given a new definition to the word “involvement” to the NCDLA.  She is always quick to lend a helping hand and has demonstrated this through service on numerous committees, the projects she has tackled, and the offices she has held over the years.  Amy willingly shares her talents and abilities for the betterment of the NCDLA and the dental laboratory industry at large. She is a technical educator and began sharing her formal peer-to-peer education right here in North Carolina.  Amy’s dedicated service makes her a priceless asset to the NCDLA.
Through her leadership, dedication, and involvement, Amy exemplifies what it is to be an involved, polished, and service-minded NCDLA member.
Presented the 4th day of November, 2016

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